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Database Administrator

Job Posted On:

Feb, 25 2016

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Dearborn, MI, USA

Job Description:

Plan and design new Oracle implementations, including database definition, structure, documentation and long-range requirements. Perform in all of the basic database management skills of database administration, web connectivity, physical structure, overall architecture, and database analysis. Design, implement, and monitor database functionality to ensure stable environments. Configuring network and involve in a Client-Server environment using TNS, LISTNER, Net Configuration Assistant and other configuration files. Configuring Single instance, Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Automatic Storage Management (ASM). Perform periodical backups of both full and incremental and restoration, recovery of database using RMAN utility. Writing SQL, PL/SQL functions, procedures, packages and triggers. Database health and performance monitoring. Creating and maintaining database users, roles and access. Uphold enterprise policy guidelines and recommend new and improved guidelines.

Experience required:

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems or closely related field.

Respond to:

Aretek Solutions, Inc., 3 Parklane Blvd, Suite # 126W, Dearborn, MI 48126


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